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Delegation Information

ASAE is pleased to welcome association professionals to attend the conference as part of a delegation. ASAE respects and values the opportunity to welcome delegates and commits to deliver a memorable and exciting learning event. Delegations receive a significant monetary discount to attend the event when they register by the Early Bird deadline of 21 February 2017. The special fee of $550 USD includes one regular registration for the event, a $100 USD discount. All additional expenses, such as travel and hotel accommodations, are not included in the registration fee and must be covered by each attendee. For more information about the delegation program, and to add your delegation to the list, please contact Megan Kuhman at

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a delegation?
  • A delegation is a group of 5 or more association executives who register with a “delegation organization” listed on the conference registration form.
What are the benefits of joining a delegation?
  • Members of delegations receive a monetary discount to attend the event. The special fee of $550 USD includes one regular registration for the event, a $100 USD discount.
  • All additional program expenses, such as travel to Seoul, Korea and hotel expenses are not included in the cost of registration.
  • The registration deadline for members of delegations is 21 February 2017.
Who is eligible to join a delegation?
  • The delegation experience is designed for association executives who are currently employed by an association.
  • Suppliers and industry partners are not eligible to join the delegation at the special rate but are encouraged to purchase a table top, or register as “suppliers,” They are also invited to lead a delegation of association executives.
Who can organize a delegation?
  • Societies or associations—trade, professional, or philanthropic—based in the Asia-Pacific region. We also encourage U.S. and European associations to organize delegations of their staff based in the region.
  • Association Management Companies
  • Individuals with approval from ASAE 
Commercial organizations that also purchase a table top exhibit What are the benefits of organizing a delegation?
  • It demonstrates your commitment to association executives in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Your name/organization will be listed on the conference website and registration page.
You can provide a financial discount to your members, clients, or colleagues. What are the responsibilities of delegation organizers?
  • Provide the name and email address of a contact person to communicate with ASAE about all facets of the delegation.
  • Identify, reach out, and promote the conference to association executives who you believe would benefit from attending the conference.
  • Share with ASAE your promotion plans, including the number of individuals you are contacting, any questions or feedback, and other information. ASAE respects that your actual promotion lists may be proprietary, but it is important for us to know the types of lists and numbers of association executives you are able to reach.
Review with ASAE those who sign up for a given delegation to be sure that they meet eligibility requirements. What are ASAE’s responsibilities?
  • Provide delegation leaders with listing on the conference website and registration page.
  • Provide a discount code to use with delegation registration.
  • Provide marketing materials, including an electronic A4 flyer and electronic brochure with program listings.
  • Respond to questions and issues to make the process as easy as possible.
  • Review delegation feedback.
Thank you for your consideration. For questions and additional information, please contact us at