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22 March 2017

Sightseeing Tours

Optional Sightseeing
Hosted by the Seoul Metropolitan City


*Ancient & Modern Seoul- Discover Pass included!
(*Separate Registration Required)

See six hundred years of progress in just a half day in this exciting tour of Seoul Past and Present. This itinerary in particularly includes: Gyeongbokgung Palace, the most beautiful and remains the grandest of all the five palaces in Seoul and N Seoul Tower, the highest place in the city where you can see all the most beautiful scenery of Seoul.

And please take advantage of the Discovery Pass you can use during your stay in Seoul.

Would you like to explore Seoul on your own?  Check out some of the many experiences Seoul has to offer.

*The below tours are not included in attendee registration, separate fees may apply.

* Explore Seoul Tours here: 

* One more trip:

* Discover Seoul pass:



Welcome Reception – Hosted by the Seoul Metropolitan City and Korea Tourism Organization
Start off the Conference with an opportunity to greet friends and colleagues. Enjoy wonderful Korean hospitality and cuisine. Relax and prepare yourself for an excellent learning experience. 


23 March 2017


Conference Reception 
After a day of learning and exchange, continue the conversation with your new colleagues and friends. Enjoy delicious food and a chance to relax and reflect on "great ideas" to take home to your associations.