Leadership 3.0: Creating Values, Trust and Teamwork

Organizations that thrive in an exponentially changing world of explosive diversity have learned that success comes from a strong set of shared values, a trusting work environment, and highly effective teams. This type of teamwork doesn’t happen naturally but requires a new style of leadership that goes far beyond getting people to follow a leader. “Leadership 3.0” is all about getting people to follow each other. Former Kodak and Apple executive Don Strickland will share his views on the four critical success factors of Leadership 3.0 and the two leadership traps you must avoid.

Donald Strickland, CEO, Strickland & Associates

About Don Strickland
Don Strickland

Don Strickland is an extraordinary businessman, entrepreneur, and advisor, who has achieved transformational change for the global companies he has worked with, such as Apple, Xerox, and Kodak, among others. Now the President and CEO of Strickland Associates he offers companies the benefit of his experience. He currently advises technology companies on business model innovation, leadership, and entrepreneurship and serves as Adjunct Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Imperial College London. Don holds a bachelor’s degree in physics from Virginia Tech, a master’s degree in physics from the University of Notre Dame, a master’s degree in optics from the University of Rochester, a master’s degree in management from the Stanford University and a law degree from George Washington University.

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