Great Ideas Conference Preconferences


22 March


Optional Sightseeing Tour

Ancient and Modern Seoul
Hosted by Seoul Metropolitan City

See six hundred years of progress in this exciting tour of Seoul Past and Present.  This itinerary will appeal specifically to hallyu (Korean popular culture) fans as well as those interested in exploring some of Korea's UNESCO World heritage sites.


Board Member Masterclass (*Separate Registration Required)

Do you have volunteer board members – even elected leaders – who aren’t clear on your organization’s goals, mission and vision?  Do board meetings get bogged down in operational discussions rather than focus exclusively on strategy and the "big picture"?  This masterclass is designed to help association leaders understand roles and responsibilities of staff, volunteers, leadership and learn how to run effective boards.  Through a highly interactive and entertaining series of real-world scenarios, you'll apply the concepts and capture best-in-class strategies for effectively leading your organization. 

  • Identify the nuances of board authority and relationships
  • Learn how to be strategic rather than operational
  • Discuss how you would respond to specific board scenarios

Peter O’Neil, FASAE, Chief Executive Officer, ASIS International (USA)